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Want to lose weight? Tired of feeling bloated, saggy and dissatisfied all the time? Don’t worry, over a third of the entire world population has weight issues. If you are among them, this probably has nothing to do with you being lazy or irresponsible, but can rather be attributed to a stressful life spent sitting in the office and in meetings. In case this sounds familiar, we can imagine the trouble you must have been through, with no time for an exercise regimen and fraudulent ads for unreliable weight loss pills and other ineffective products everywhere.

It is because of this that we are proud to present you the HCG diet. Never heard of it? We will tell you all you need to know, from what it is, to what it does and how. And if you’re one of those who have heard about it, but think it is unsafe, we are ready to dispel the rumors.

Firstly, HCG stands for human chorionic gonadotropin, and it is a hormone produced during pregnancy with the purpose of protecting the fetus. You would assume this has nothing do with losing weight, however, there is a brilliant catch here – under the influence of HCG, the body ‘devours’ and burns many more calories, because it wants to shelter and feed the fetus. See where we’re going with this? The HCG diet works under the premise that introducing HCG to your body will affect your hypothalamus in the way that will make it ‘release’ the adipose, fat cells into the bloodstream to be burned. In reality, it is a fairly complex, but rather harmless process and, more importantly, it does wonders for your body.

Now that you see how HCG affects your body, you should know the diet that comes with it is incredibly strict. While on the HCG diet, you will consume no more than 800 calories a day, optimally around 500. The diet principle is simple – low carb, high protein.

Some might say this amount of calories is not enough for the body to function properly, but here is the good news – in order for your body to be safe, the HCG diet is a short-term one, usually lasting only weeks. Throughout this period, even if you just eat less, you will definitely lose weight, but not in a good way. If you were to only keep a strict diet, you would lose some fat, but you would also be losing lean, muscle tissue, which would damage your body, possibly irreparably.

We are here to remind you that dieting should be healthy, and this is where HCG comes into picture. By taking HCG, either orally or through shots, you will be sending signals to your hypothalamus to ‘focus’ on the fat cells only, releasing them and burning them. This way you can burn virtually thousands of calories daily with no need to exercise.

Finally, one should bear in mind that HCG is an exceptionally strict and extreme diet, and is not recommended to everyone. People with hormone issues should steer clear of HGH, as well as those with pituitary gland problems.

All in all, the HCG diet is not for the weak of heart. It requires adherence in order to produce results. But if you believe you can spare just a few weeks to try this marvelous product out, don’t hesitate to do so.

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