About HCG Diet

How does the HCG diet work?

The HCG diet is one that has undergone a lot of scrutiny and a lot of criticism. It is easily one of the most controversial diets that exist currently. In order to understand why it is so strange, you should know what it is first. HCG stands for human chorionic gonadotropin, which is a hormone that is produced by females during pregnancy and is often used to treat fertility issues. When you are on this diet, you are either getting shots of this hormone, or you are taking some kind of HCG orally. However, at the same time, you are supposed to keep an incredibly strict diet. When you are on the HCG diet, you can only intake in between 500 and 800 calories per day. That is a shockingly small amount of calories. Many people, in fact, most medical professionals, would warn against something like this, stating that 500 calories a day is very dangerous and that your body needs a lot more than that to function properly.

Of course, when you are only consuming 500 calories a day, you will naturally be losing weight. However, you will definitely not be doing it safely. Naturally, most medical professional and dieting experts do not recommend the HCG diet, in fact that are strongly against it for the most part. It is very important to remember that dieting should be all about getting healthy.

Dieting is not just about looking better; you should be doing it to improve your health. If you are on a diet that is very bad for your health, then you are dieting for the wrong reasons.

Something that is very important to understand is that when you are only consuming 400 calories a day, you are missing out on a lot of important nutritional aspects of your diet that your body really needs. You really need proteins, fats, carbs and fibers, for your body to function normally, and when you are on a diet that only allows you 500 calories per day, you are not getting any of those.

Also, after only a couple of days, you will most likely be experiencing vitamin and mineral deficiencies on the HCG diet. One thing that you should also know is that products that are selling HCG over the counter are doing it illegally, because it hasn’t been approved by the FDA or any other health organization. In fact, HCG has not even been recognized by any health organization as a viable product for weight loss.

So even though you can lose a lot of weight quickly with the HCG diet, it really is not recommended. If you want to lose weight effectively and keep the weight off for good, then you are much better off being on a healthier and more relaxed diet that will enable you to stay healthy and not risking any health problems while slowly and naturally losing weight. HCG is a very extreme diet and it is therefore not recommended by many.